• Feb1

    At the end of the yoga class that I take the leader ends with the word “Namaste” which is a Sanskrit word that is roughly translated as ” I honor the place in you where we are all one”. To me this is the essence of The Flow, because we all are a part of everything. Yoga is spirituality in action, and it helps me be aware of the energy that is flowing in and through me. “Namaste” symbolizes the freedom of choice of non-judgement; to see the spirit in everyone I meet, and to be reminded that we are all on a temporary journey here. Namaste…

  • Jan30

    The 49th verse of the Tao is about living beyond judgments, and the art of noticing verses judging. Noticing is defined as attention, observation, awareness, consciousness, perception; regard, consideration, scrutiny; watchfulness, vigilance, attentiveness. I have been practicing over the past few weeks, and have become aware that I have a much more positive outlook, and it has attracted goodness into my life. I think the greatest lesson is that it starts with noticing my own judgments about myself, and by conquering that it becomes easier to understand the power of this verse. The 49th verse is a gift that is clearly about the flow now. Its drives energy towards the light. An openness to the Spirit.

  • Jan15

    I have come to realize through the cleansing program that I have been on for the last 12 days, that I am clearly a “All or Nothing” type person. I possess the strength of discipline and also the weakness of excess. The program has been an extreme change, and I have clearly handled it with relative ease. I know that I would have the same ease falling back into an excessive lifestyle as well, hence, “All or Nothing”. It reminds me of the current Bud Light commercials – too light or too heavy; I can be both. I need to be just right like Bud Light. In balance and living my life in moderation. I need to practice balance, which starts with Awareness. The Flow in Action…

  • Jan10

    I learned a long time ago while playing the game of darts, that if you are missing the bull’s-eye consistently to the left you need to over-compensate and deliberately aim more to the right; which should lead to consistency in hitting the center. Over time there is no need to continue to over-compensate because life naturally comes into balance over time.
    Over the last 6 months I have become out of balance in my diet and fitness, which has led to unwanted weight gain and and loss of energy. So, I made a decision to bring my life into balance, and am employing the lesson I learned from the game. Last Monday, I started an aggressive cleansing program that I developed that combines several of the top body cleansing programs that are on the market. I will be on this aggressive program for 14 days, and then will be able to follow a moderate regime. Balance is a key action to being in “The Flow”

  • Jan7

    I get a lot of questions about the Flow and what does that mean, what is it? On reflection I think that “The Flow” is what my dog “Joy” was. Pure non-judgmental energy, always loving, fully present, not influenced by time, just there – in the moment. I have come to believe that pets are gifts from Spirit – a reminder to us that “The Flow” is always right here;all you have to do to live in “The Flow” is: 1. Be Awake to the present moment; 2. Act with balance,respect,honesty,kindness,gratitude,and service; 3. Accept whatever happens as it happens. What a gift!

  • Jan5

    Yesterday was a very sad day. We had to euthanize our dog Joy – who is one of the loves of my life. There is no word to describe the emotions that I felt – pure sadness, grief, dread. I miss her presence very much. In the light of a new day I thought of “The Flow Now” – could I have gotten into the Flow with such sadness – death? As I thought it – it became clear that I did access the pathways of The Flow Now. First of all I was awake – I spent many sleepless nights with Joy watching her deteriorate, and trying to comfort her in anyway that I could. I was totally focused on her and her needs – I was present with her. We acted with respect by having the courage to let her go – keeping her alive would only have lead to pain for her. We chose to take her pain away. I think this is one of life’s selfless acts. We acted with kindness, honesty, and service. As far as acceptance I am working that pathway. It’s what needs to be done. Trust the Spirit and let go with love. It has helped me. So my answer is yes, while I might not have been in the Flow – but the endeavor of working the pathways of “The Flow Now” enlightened my Journey. God Bless You Joy, and thanks for being my friend! I will always love you, and am grateful for the time we had together. Until we meet again

  • Dec17

    A Gatha is a short verse that is recited during daily activities. Thich Nhat Hanh teaches that reciting a Gatha is a great way to stay grounded in the present moment.

    The Flow Now Gatha:
    My intention is to be awake in this moment, and act with balance, respect, honesty, kindness, gratitude, & service. I intend to accept whatever unfolds.
    The Flow Now

  • Dec17

    This holiday season there is a wonderful way to practice the Flow Now by showing our gratitude for our friends and family and serving our World by giving a Holiday Gift that makes a difference. This video explains the opportunity of spirituality in action…

    Check Oxfam America out at

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  • Dec1

    The Flow Now is a simple spiritual practice that is based upon a variety of traditions and is based upon living the practice on a moment to moment basis – as life unfolds. There are three steps that I call the A List – Awareness, Action, Acceptance. The practice is one of being aware in the present moment. As life happens – the practice focuses on six actions – balance, respect, honesty, kindness, gratitude, and service. The practice then moves to acceptance of whatever happens and trust in the natural flow of the Spirit. Living the three steps is a life long practice and requires a dedication to courage and love. This blog will be a historical account of my Journey in practicing The Flow Now and the application of the three steps as the situations and obstacles of my life present themselves. It will focus on the NOW. Let the Journey begin!